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Project CHEF: Investing in Food and Our Future

All too often we hear about something great, like a store, show, or restaurant, and file it away in the Remember to Check Out section of our mental rolodexes. Other times, news of splendiferousness will bonk you on the head … Continue reading

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Culinary Bootcamp, Week 9: L’Amore e La Pasta

This week’s focus was on Italian cooking. North America has a skewed idea of what every culture’s food is supposed to be, mainly that our version turns out to be a lot bigger, made with nasty crap ingredients, and somehow … Continue reading

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Culinary Bootcamp, Week 1: The Lone Wolf

This past September I read a fabulous blurb in The Georgia Straight and became interested in taking some Serious Foodie cooking classes with Northwest Culinary Academy. Unfortunately, they filled up (always a good sign) so I decided to kick things … Continue reading

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