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Culinary Bootcamp, Week 11: Which Country Did I Leave My Brain In?

Hello, my foodies! This past week has been, what I would call, “kind of all over the place!” It literally was. Monday: We completed Asia week with a menu development project. Tuesday: Ginormous Indian buffet with a guest chef. It’s … Continue reading

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Culinary Bootcamp, Week 6: The Fish, The Crustaceans, The Torch, and The Bread Bullet

Fish and seafood week started with a bang — literally. Early in the morning we all turned to see that a bag of coffee grounds exploded all over a classmate who was trying to open it. Good thing he woke … Continue reading

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Culinary Bootcamp, Week 5: Here Come The Meat Sweats!

WordPress is driving me crazy! Usually it’s spot-on and perfect, but it’s deleting some of my photo captions, and bits of text here and there are disappearing. If something doesn’t make sense, it’s not because I didn’t read this post … Continue reading

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Culinary Bootcamp Roll Call: Meet Private Ashley!

Atennnnn-CHUN! Lads and lassies, I forgot to mention that there is a link on my sidebar for Gluten Free Gal, the blog run by one of my classmates, Ashley. It’s nice to read about school with another person’s perspective, which … Continue reading

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Culinary Bootcamp, Week 1: The Lone Wolf

This past September I read a fabulous blurb in The Georgia Straight and became interested in taking some Serious Foodie cooking classes with Northwest Culinary Academy. Unfortunately, they filled up (always a good sign) so I decided to kick things … Continue reading

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