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Yes, I Did Have Cake for Dinner, Dessert, and Breakfast!

Thank you, everybody, for awesome birthday wishes! It was amazing and sped by with truckloads of laughs, hugs, food, and sassiness, my favourite. Even people who didn’t know it was a special day were serendipitously nice, which proves that having … Continue reading

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Culinary Bootcamp, Week 7: Love for Vegetables, Grains, and COLBERT!

Dear valued, fabulous, scandalous readers I don’t know what the frick is going on, but for the past couple of weeks, WordPress has been having weird blips and content is missing from posts that I’ve published. Strange! So if you … Continue reading

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For the Love of Chocolate: Birthday Hugs and Cupcakes!

My employer (we don’t like the word boss) Rhonda’s  birthday is today and this year has been pretty insane. An integral staff member had a baby and is no longer with the team, we’re being audited, are short-staffed during the … Continue reading

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