Your Hostess!

I have a rule when picking glasses frames: They have to look like candy for my face!

Consider yourself warned: There are crazy food ideas lurking behind those glasses!

Food is awesome. I eat it every day.

I read, daydream, and write about it. When not doing that, I source photograph, zany doodle, and wardrobe inspiration from edible things.

To those of you who look horrified, it is absolutely possible to dress fashionably like Rocket popsicles, fruit salads, garlic peels, cupcakes, salmon sashimi, and look perfectly normal. Food is so beautiful. I see it everywhere, and as any good cook knows, small details and nuances mean everything to presentation.

Before choosing a career in food, I was a fashion stylist and assistant business owner at Changes, an award-winning, community-loving designer consignment store. Their kick-ass range of services includes educating clients about rocking their closets to empower their minds and bodies. Encouraging people to step outside of their comfort zones often helps them find something that they love. After much thought, I decided to continue in the same direction…but with people’s fridges!

In 2010 I graduated from Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver‘s Professional Culinary program, and am now a cook/food blogger who also develops recipes and dinner lessons for fun, friends, and family. I care a lot about what people eat and want them to feel happy and healthy. The best part of all this is definitely getting to have a good time with people. It’s wonderful to see them light up and grow braver in the kitchen!

Myself and Megan Kaptein in String Magazine's October 2008 editorial. Alex Ramon Photography.

Elsewhere online, I’m also a fashion article contributor for String Magazine, and occasionally ponder about happy and ridiculous things in my other blog, Revealing Thoughts. I still pop in now and then to work with my Changes family and bombard them with food.

In between it all, I am a flag-flying geek, dessert junkie, and expert hug-deliverer. I love to dance when cooking at home, read graphic novels, flip through cookbooks like a madwoman, garden, hang out with my siblings, and watch nerdy and foodie TV shows.

My HQ (where the pillows are kept) is in Vancouver, BC (Canada!), and knowing that people actually visit this blog makes my day just a little bit sweeter.

Merçi beaucoup.