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Wordalicious Wednesday: Familiarity

My brother Tarek and I were driving a few days ago when a giant bug flew in through my window. Normally, bugs don’t scare me and I’ll kill them with little hesitation, but this was some type of mutant and … Continue reading

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Wordalicious Wednesday: Supporters

Whether you’re a head chef with a brigade to lead in the kitchen, a restaurant owner with regular guests who introduce new friends to your place, or a frazzled culinary student who wants to bonk their head repeatedly on the … Continue reading

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Project CHEF: Investing in Food and Our Future

All too often we hear about something great, like a store, show, or restaurant, and file it away in the Remember to Check Out section of our mental rolodexes. Other times, news of splendiferousness will bonk you on the head … Continue reading

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Happy belated Earth Day, everyone! The week after school has been a whirlwind. Filling in at the store to help prep for event day (April 29th!), volunteering, visiting my doctor, seeing my Grandma for the first time since Christmas, and … Continue reading

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Culinary Bootcamp, Week 15: Seconds

My brother Tarek e-mailed me some photos from the graduation ceremony this morning and I thought they should have a home. No more exams at school or doctor’s appointments about the knee this week! Time to sleep in for once. … Continue reading

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