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Kimchi: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Even though he thought that *N SYNC was a TV show, my dad happens to be ahead of the curve and tends to catch onto things way before they’re popular, then tries to get people interested in them. About 15 … Continue reading

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Focaccia: Power Food for Power Nappers

Every weekday morning, I hopped out of bed, excited and raring to go to culinary school. Coming to Northwest was a huge motivator, and even if I was completely exhausted or something was bothering me, one of the last thoughts … Continue reading

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It’s Finally Here: Making Pasta! This is How I Roll.

When I was somewhere between 8 and 10 years old, I figured out how to use our family’s VCR (today, that sounds way behind today’s youth!), and the first things that I wanted to tape (after Power Rangers) were cooking … Continue reading

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Bloody Good: Wine-less (and Whineless) Carrot Risotto

In continuation of the last post, about my love for Italian food: How does one cook a risotto that won’t make Gordon Ramsay want to throw pans in the bin? The short answer is: By watching it like a hawk … Continue reading

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Project CHEF: Investing in Food and Our Future

All too often we hear about something great, like a store, show, or restaurant, and file it away in the Remember to Check Out section of our mental rolodexes. Other times, news of splendiferousness will bonk you on the head … Continue reading

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