This yam looks like the Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Here is an index that will explain and help you navigate through all of the posts, mostly about types of food that will be listed on the site. Keep in mind that recipes could belong to one or more; for example, a vegan chocolate cake could be listed under Desserts!!! and also Vegan.

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  • Amendments – Maybe I’ve found a way to do something better, faster or even yummier than at the time of the post. There are lots of ways to construct recipes with similar results so I’m looking forward to learning and maybe marking a few with these!
  • Appies & Sides – These are fun and easy bites that are great for teaching to kids, or for having as snacks and sharing at parties! Well, all food is good for sharing at parties. Unless it’s an individual-sized portion.
  • Asian – Fresh and zingy dishes with layers of flavour and texture, from or inspired by the Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Thai and Indian foods that I already love. Except sashimi, because I don’t like it and all you have to do is cut the fish.
  • Canning – I’ve been learning the process of home canning. That is, making something fantastically fresh like jam or sauces when the main ingredients are at the peak of ripeness, and preserving them so they can be given as gifts in adorable jars, or enjoyed later in the year when the same food either isn’t available or is, but at lower quality. Eugh!
  • Dairy-free – My dad is lactose-intolerant, and so toying in the kitchen made me think of dishes that wouldn’t kill him. There are a lot of great alternatives out there, including soy, rice, and almond products, but still, I can’t stop him from eating ice cream. Sigh!
  • Desserts!!! – Your guide to sumptuous, rich tastes and fluffy goodness. I always order dessert before dinner at restaurants, so that there’s no chance of it going unfinished. If it were possible, I’d eat angel food cake all day and then switch to a dark chocolate silk tart when my mouth tasted too sugary. In most cases, I cook pretty healthily, but with dessert, all bets are off! Unless you’re counting on it to taste good, in which case you should put all your chips on the table. Mmmm.
  • Garden – After 23 years as a renowned plant killer, I started gardening, and am actually not doing too bad! There are happy veggies and herbs outside my place, and I’ll post photos, recipes and updates every now and then.
  • Gluten-free – A section for my friends who are celiacs, or who are trying a gluten-free diet! I’m still learning the ways of gluten-free food and will do my best not to send you to the emergency room. What’s great about GF cooking is that while you can use different flour blends, it also lets you combine simple, wholesome ingredients that make extraordinary foods.
  • Healthy – This category covers a lot of ground, as most of the foods that I make have healthy variations compared to their usual preparation. Whether it’s throwing a handful of flax seeds into a salad, using apple sauce instead of oil in a recipe so that it isn’t greasy, or for cooking lean in general, this will be a good place for you to check out!
  • Holiday – Technically you could make this stuff anytime you want, but if there’s a special occasion coming up, this is your go-to place for fun ideas!
  • Meat, Poultry & Seafood – If it was on an ark or swam under it in a best-selling book that I never read, it’s in here. This is the section for meat recipes, and I’ll show you how to make sure that it tastes great, doesn’t poison your guests, and if suitable, is ridiculously tender.
  • Non-recipe Related – Could be some fun news about myself, the site, or something else that I’m excited about. Yahoo!
  • Pasta – Stuffed, rolled, twirled, layered, sliced…Pasta and noodles are a fantastic base for an endless combination of sauces, vegetables, or meat. I’m even going to teach you how to make it from scratch!
  • Polls – Yes, I want to hear from YOU!
  • Sauces & Dressings – Sauces that know how to multi-task: For pasta, pizza, drizzling and general merriment.
  • School – I’m undergoing some professional culinary training at Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver. Being there is amazing, empowering, and fun. I feel so privileged and lucky to attend, and am chronicling my progress every week so you can all have a taste of what it’s like. Also, it’s nice to read back and laugh at myself!
  • Shiny New Excitement! – For gadgets/foods I’m trying for the first time that, in the words of Guy Fieri, “don’t suck at all!”
  • Soups & Stews – Whether it’s slow-cooked, broth-based, low-salt, or hearty and full of good stuff, this page is a fab resource for slurpy times everywhere.
  • Soy – For people who love tofu dishes, soy desserts, and yummy drinks. For some reason, drinking hot milk (like in a hot chocolate) makes me feel like a character from Alien (or Space Balls!) where the alien is going to rip out of your chest. I probably inherited that from Dad (see Dairy-free). Soy milk is amazing, and I hardly taste the difference. After accidentally eating most of my soy “ice cream”, my brothers now love tofu too, yay!
  • Spreads & Dips – Deliciousness for veggies, crackers, and sandwiches. But not for George Costanza!
  • Vegan – Animal product-free food is a lot easier to figure out than many people think, and yummier, too. Alternative cooking styles, like vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free are great to try because they challenge you to use ingredients or substitutions that never would have occurred to you before. And they’re good for you!
  • Vegetarian/Veggie Option – I do love vegetarian food. The flavours are amazing, and often provide me with new ideas, which is great, because sometimes I don’t want to eat meat every day. Veggie options are sometimes listed for recipes that call for meat, so you might also find articles like chicken curry here, but read on to find that you can also make it with potatoes, cauliflower or other things. Yum!
  • Whole Wheat & Fibertastic – High-fiber central! Most Canadians don’t get their RDA, which is too bad, because a diet that is higher in complex carbohydrates has several health benefits. Here are some recipes to show you that fiber isn’t just something your grandparents mix into their orange juice.