Happy (Belated) Father’s Day!

In most cases, my dad and I are polar opposites, but like him, I

  • always have too many projects and big ideas going on
  • go out of my way to get stuff done or do something nice for someone, and
  • will work until I pass out.

One of these days we ought to take a vacation. I already called him yesterday, but if you forgot what day it was, say hello to pop or anybody else you consider to be a cool, older male figure.

We inherited most of our genetic traits from Dad, but that scrunchy look is pure Tarek.

Dad is quite the character. He was born and raised in Tunisia with old-school beliefs, and always pushed me to work hard and kick butt, then had to adjust his own ways when he realized how quickly the world was changing, along with his kids.

Like many fathers out there, he always wants the best for his us and it took him a while to understand that we were all going to carve out our own paths, but he’s proud of us every day.

Dad can be credited for a lot of things, including kick-starting my can-do attitude, sense of curiosity, occasional stubbornness, and hunger for (food-related) science.

Happy Father’s Day (again)!

K xoxo

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