Tech Headache: XML!

There are 3 recipes in my head that I want to make right now and post but they’ve been on hold for a little bit because I’m making some changes to the blog, to make it cleaner, cuter, better organized, and have more features, but as always in tech-related life, one thing leads to another, which leads to 10 things, which leads to a cluster$%&#. This in itself led to a recipe that doesn’t yield any high-energy food and is slowing me down, big-time.

Recipe for a Tech Headache
Serves one massive, throbbing, face-palming annoyance to any blogger who just wants to cook stuff and not fiddle with coding, errors, and other miscellaneous hoo-hah

1 blog provider that runs excellently but is difficult to change the layout of and does not allow ads unless you download the software, run it yourself, and host on another website

1 online support team that is very polite and nice but sends replies that don’t actually answer the questions that you’re asking

1 excellent hosting site that has everything you want, but is too advanced for you to understand what’s going on

1 different blog hosting provider that will allow ads and uses coding that many people are versed in but will not upload your converted .XML file to move your blog over and sends you error messages

1 endless loop of “help forums” that don’t actually help people, because they don’t even have a support team and are a huge blogging platform which is kind of shocking because apparently thousands of people are having the same troubles as you and are not getting any help

Mix all ingredients together in a blender. While you’re at it, rub a bunch of chili flakes all over your hands and rub your eyes then look at a laptop to simulate the feeling. Think of it as a topical garnish.

All of this overwhelming nonsense is keeping me out of the kitchen, while I just want to make some food and write about it for your enjoyment. I love this blog. It’s like a fluffy, delicious omelet that is filled with good stuff, but needs to become a little more golden (in case you are reading, that’s how I eat them at home, Chef!) and I want another person to help me flip it over without destroying the bloody thing in the process. What I’m trying to accomplish shouldn’t be complicated, but it is becoming that way!

  • Put up a few ads that are small, unobtrusive, not ugly, and related (excellent cookbooks, restaurants, other food sites, etc), to increase traffic and generate a little revenue so I can start working on side projects
  • Change my site title and page title fonts using Typekit (the WP support team’s advice is correct but isn’t resulting in any changes, aah!) or a better application
  • If necessary, start hosting with Dreamhost or Godaddy (or another similar company)
  • Figure out Gmail! I wanted to use it to set up an account for and they wanted some code to be uploaded and published for verification. Um, what?

There is some other stuff but it’s not coming to mind because all I can think about is how much I need to get away from this keyboard and go get cleaned up, have breakfast, and get some fresh air.

I’m putting this out there openly because there are more than a few computer-savvy, food-loving people reading this blog who might know something or someone. If you know anybody with some major WordPress/CSS coding/XML’ing/developing/domain-moving know-how, please send them my way. Maybe they can do what they’re good at (making stuff happen with a keyboard), I can do what I’m good at (making food!), and you can do what you’re good at (being my friend who likes to eat).

Who knows, we might even invent a drink called the Tech Headache, or The XML, which I keep thinking of, instead of “FML!



PS: Eat well!

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2 Responses to Tech Headache: XML!

  1. Ian says:

    I’ll take a look

  2. kchellouf says:

    Woo!! Thanks, Ian. I talked to Patricia about the risotto dinner. This week might be good, as early as Wednesday if that works for y’all. If not, sometime soon for sure, and you can take a look then. If it’s something that you can tackle but will take a while, we can have another dinner and I can make ribs if you guys like!

    If there are any other computer-loving friends/acquaintances out there who also want a dinner, do still get in touch. Having my own personal Geek Squad of talent would be amazing!

    FYI: I use the word “geek” as term of endearment. Who would I be to criticize? Heh…

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