Happy Mother’s Day!

My mom is awesome and I don’t say it or think about it often enough, so today is a good day to think about yours, or another special lady who cares about you!

Good ol' Mom is proud of everything I do. That's part of her charm!

For 25 years I have been the lucky recipient of hugs, kisses, clothes, food, cards, flowers, advice, homework help, and care packages. Mum showed me how to knead bread dough, bake cakes, and scoop out cookie dough. She introduced me to cooking with rosemary, always made vegetables taste delicious, taught us kids about nutrition, didn’t scold me for sneaking a taste of shortening that time when I was a kid and thought it was butter, saved crunchy top bits of pound cake for me, washed endless dishes when I made spilly messes all over the counter, found my first set of Russian stacking dolls, always reminded me to be good to people, and worked hard to put food on the table.

Every day I try to make food that is good enough to be served to her.

Love you, Mom!!

K xoxo

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