Yes, I Did Have Cake for Dinner, Dessert, and Breakfast!

*Fweeeeeee!* ...That's a party blower noise.

Thank you, everybody, for awesome birthday wishes! It was amazing and sped by with truckloads of laughs, hugs, food, and sassiness, my favourite. Even people who didn’t know it was a special day were serendipitously nice, which proves that having a big smile on never hurts!

I decided to be healthy and productive, and started off by visiting Whole Foods’ Cambie location (it was their birthday, too!) with Tarek, my healthier clone of a brother, because their food service bars went down to $1/100g for the celebration. We had a long day ahead and had to fuel up!

Coconut agua fresca and a loaded bin of stuff that'll keep me alive for 70 more years!

After a quick visit to Long & McQuade (where the guy didn’t charge us to rent some cables and we made friends with a jumping dog), we headed to Changes, where my store owner/Wonder Woman (Rhonda) managed to plan our annual spring fashion show on the 29th, and make it a combination show/fundraiser/Happy 25th party, which was great! I felt very lucky, being surrounded by my team, friends and clients, all of whom were dressed up!

Bear Flag Winery sent us some bottles, and I threw cracker and gourmet cheese platters together in between helping customers and running all over the place. So finally, I have officially been paid to work with food, making cheese plates for the store!

My wacky cheeses and a special cake!

Those red globs were delicious goat cheese that arrived in tubs (like pudding cups), covered in cranberry sauce! I popped them out and created a moisture barrier with cubes of white cheddar.

“What are you doing?” one of my coworkers asked.

“Creating a Maginot Line and hoping the sauce doesn’t just go around it.”

I still think it would be funny if his name was DJ HysTarek.

We managed to raise over $350 for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society through ticket sales, some of our favourite clients were dressed in high-powered, glitzy outfits and danced around as models, and customers shopped while Tarek played music through the night and decided that The Final Countdown by Europe should be my birthday song. Way to make a lady feel old! Hee hee.

I ditched the brace, opting for tensor bandages and a giant flower.

Everything was great as it was, even if this were a regular event night, and the hugs, cards, and thanks kept coming. Rainbows, Russian nesting dolls, cake, chocolate truffles, more chocolate, cheese, a Hello Kitty cupcake (“Where did you find that?”), shiny pink bows, a Jackie O/Michelle Obama-style dress (see left!), ceramic cherry measuring spoons, a champagne explosion, and 40 people singing Happy Birthday, could a girl ask for more? I don’t think so!

Well, maybe a blood-glucose meter because at this rate I’ll become a diabetic by the age of 26! Thankfully this only happens once a year. What a party, whew!

Much love to friends, family, and readers, whose appreciation keep things exciting for me.

Eat well!


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