Wordalicious Wednesday: Gratitude

Today’s word is very important, and is often overlooked, especially by busy professionals who don’t have time to take care of themselves! That includes cooks, chefs, lawyers, doctors, and more!

Gratitude is a word that we all know, but are we truly familiar with it? I’m turning 25 years old in about 16 hours and am taking a minute to think about all of the things and people that I am thankful for. Being appreciative of our environments and the people around us often becomes lost in the daily buzz. Strangers and customers who say hello or thank me, little kids who ask me goofy questions, helpful former stovemates, hardworking store staff, big loveable dogs, glitter, kitchen tools, Anthropologie catalogues, and anyone who is willing to talk about food. It is so nice that all of these fill my days!

A lot of this has to do with perspective, too. I received a call today from a friend who really needed to talk, and while in the back of my head, I thought “Yikes, it’s Wordalicious Wednesday and nothing has been written yet!”, the words “I have a great friend who wants to spend time with me!” shouted much louder.

Remembering to take care of yourself is crucial. Maybe this sounds lame, but the power of a few kind words or a nice gesture really makes a difference in morale, yours included. So don’t hesitate! If you haven’t genuinely smiled or laughed about something or thanked anybody today, thank two people tomorrow and you will have double the reasons to smile.

Eat well!


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One Response to Wordalicious Wednesday: Gratitude

  1. Brad says:

    Very very true! Great post!

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