Wordalicious Wednesday: Brûlée

Hello, my little choux puffs!

Cute little snippets with new definitions will be added to the site more often, because the Wordalicious tab looked silly just sitting there with not much in it. I figure that sticking to a day of the week with something small will be a manageable commitment. It’ll be  a few days until I clean it up/move it around because we’re at the tail end of finals and grad is coming up on Friday, but here is one of my favourite words for you, because it’s Wednesday!

The best things in life require a little bit of work to enjoy.

The word brûlée (broo-LAY) can be used in a few different ways, the most popular/well-known being the name of an amazing French dessert, crème brûlée (“burnt cream”), a baked custard that is often served in a little cup or ramekin, then coated with sugar and burned with some type of flaming device (blowtorch, brûlée torch, or in my case, butane stove lighters if neither are handy) to quickly turn the sugar into a layer of caramel that instantly hardens, so you get to tap it with a spoon and crack it open, or dig into any other food that benefits from a snappy layer of candy. How satisfying!

Brûlée is now also a noun and a verb, just like Google, so a normal day in my life might include a sentence like

“Hey, can you Google “how to brûlée desserts” or “brûlée torches at Ming Wo”? I’m in the mood for something crunchy!”

Life with the internet is excellent for foodies. What an age we live in!

Eat well!


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