A-MUSE Bouche and Eye Candy

This post isn’t specifically food-related, but has to do with something that is often in my kitchen and I couldn’t wait to share a little taste of it with you fabulous readers.

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Every April, I get a little excited because my birthday is at the end of the month, but this year is even more special because I’m turning 25 and went to see something very exciting on April 1st.

I woke up early in the morning a few months ago, groggily reaching for my laptop to check e-mail before heading off to work. Half-asleep-ily scanning the page, something caught my attention and I immediately leaped out of bed, screaming and jumping.

No, there wasn’t a spider on the keyboard, I received an e-mail notification about pre-sale tickets for a concert that I had been waiting for for 6 years! One quarter of my life!

Muse is my absolute favorite band. They have so many different styles that suit my every mood, from light tinkling classical piano and soft-spoken ballads to synth-laden progressive outer-space experimental anthems to thunderous drums with grungy, angry-metal wailing guitars, and they sound amazing when performing live. Muse indulges my inner rock-star and science nerd all at once. Their music plays in the kitchen at home almost every day when I’m cooking. There’s nothing like trying to finely chop onions as fast as you can to energetic rock tunes.

I had been waiting for them to come back since 2004, when they played shows at The Commodore in May and September, both of which were fantastic and unbelievably inexpensive. I immediately texted my brother and sister (Tarek and Mia), also fans, and ran to the library on my break to pick up tickets as soon as they were available online. Mia almost thought I was playing an April Fool’s joke!

Muse has been huge in Europe for years, and their songs have been featured in plenty of movies, yet for some reason, they hadn’t reached mainstream popularity in North America until they appeared on the Twilight soundtrack. Here’s a general idea of their scope and versatility: Their song Newborn appeared in Haute Tension, a gruesome French psycho-horror movie, and during the 2010 Winter Olympics I watched figure skating and one athlete’s routine was set to the light, fluffy instrumental tune of Samson and Delilah’s Mon Coeur S’ouvre A Ta Voix, a song that Muse covered. They were like a  best-kept secret that should never have been hidden!

I have a friend who decided that he hated this band after hearing one of their songs because he’s a huge Radiohead fan and thinks that Muse sounds like a rip-off. While I agree that they have had similar style in the past, I did say that “Muse is what Radiohead could be if they had the energy to become angry anarchists. Being depressing all of the time is exhausting!”

I do like Radiohead, too, but it doesn’t have to be an either/or comparison, like Quentin Tarantino’s parable about Beatles people or Elvis people. For my own personal use, Radiohead is what I might listen to if going for a walk in the rain on a sad day, Muse is what I’d listen to if going for a run to get pumped up for something.

Images of people climbing stairs and then falling down were projected upon towers...

...then the curtains fell to reveal the band inside on raised LED-covered stages and they immediately began playing Uprising.

Lasers skittered everywhere. I've never been to the Planetarium because the idea seems cheesy, but these ones looked great!

Yes, that is a megaphone on top of the piano.

Dominic (drums) and Chris (bass) had an instrumental duet on a rotating stage.

I wandered down to the pit for a closer look during Unnatural Selection.

Matt Bellamy is extremely talented on the guitar, lead vocals, and piano. At every show I have been to, he's had some kind of light-up keyboard. This time, though, he had a mirrored, swiveling piano that reflected light into the audience!

The concert wasn't completely sold out, and the top section had the only empty seats I could find.

Eyeball balloons (filled with confetti!) fell from the ceiling. They looked like those creepy gum balls, so it was like sitting in a gigantic Halloween candy bucket!

My camera’s crappy video function managed to pick up a decent-ish clip of Resistance. Who else is going to play this type of song and have a DNA double-helix light show? I love them.

What a great performance, with fantastic lights and effects. This time the instruments didn’t get smashed at the end of the show; maybe they’ll be able to come back to Vancouver in less than another 6 years!

Rock out and eat well!


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3 Responses to A-MUSE Bouche and Eye Candy

  1. Mia says:

    Here’s something food-related for your blog – those f$%#s threw away my pita and mini eggs! I’m CRUSHED! Hahaha

    Great pics. Amazing show. Super company!

    Love!! ❤

  2. Mia says:


  3. kchellouf says:

    Glad to be of service!

    Again, it would have been funny if you shoved the pita wrap and the Mini Eggs canister between your boobs and under your scarf like I had to with the camera.

    It probably would have worked! Tiny camera and tiny chest, you’ve got a bigger party going on upstairs and they wouldn’t have noticed other stuff hiding in there! Tee hee.

    Every year, one of my girlfriends wishes for another cup size for her birthday. I wonder what she wants to hide in there!

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