Cram It

Yesterday afternoon, I was in the middle of working on a Culinary Bootcamp post for a few hours (to be on time with posting this week, finally!), and then my computer froze up late last night because I tried to upload some videos from a concert that I went to. None of my writing was auto-saved like it should be (every 2 minutes!) so I’m peeved about having to start all over again because my schedule is packed this weekend with a school project and I promised to make dinner for a coworker’s family after work. Dammit!! The internet is awesome because it gives us all these tools to connect and learn, like this blog. On the other side of the coin, it makes me want to tear my hair out sometimes, which is not a good idea because I had it cut pretty short.

In the plus column, I added a few new widgets to the blog, including an e-mail subscription tab, a hit counter (I was curious!), and a search feature (did I have that before?), which are all on the right sidebar. Now you can find things easier, don’t have to check back for when new content is posted, and can find older posts more easily. Yeehaw!

Time for breakfast. Being annoyed on an empty stomach is bad for you. I better stuff myself with food get back to work, and study like mad because our written final theory exam is on Thursday. Aaaaah!

Eat well!


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