Visit My School! Well, One of Them.

As part of our homework with Northwest Culinary Academy, we view videos from Rouxbe, an online cooking school (there’s an earlier Culinary Bootcamp post where I gush about how fantastic they are).

Their team interviewed a few of us near the beginning of school, and today a classmate mentioned that I was in a video that is included as part of a tour for their website! I watched it and laughed, thinking ” SO that’s what I really sound like!”

Check it out and revel in food awesomeness.

Eat well!


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4 Responses to Visit My School! Well, One of Them.

  1. Steve says:

    You had no idea how awesome you were did you? This is how all TV chef’s get started don’t you know.

    • kchellouf says:

      Ha ha, thanks for the opportunity! Every week or two I teach a few friends how to make something our class has learned at school, and was told that TV is where I ought to be. You never know! If something scandalously wonderful happens one day, I’ll tell everyone that it started because of Team Rouxbe and invite you all over for dinner!

  2. Aaron says:

    Ha, that’s cool you are on that site. After watching that video I now know how to pronounce their name! No x required.

    I recently gave them a bunch of money to become a lifetime member and hopefully improve my skills. Won’t ever compare to Chef Kari though 😉

    • kchellouf says:

      Rouxbe is so great, for some reason I’m not surprised that you’ve picked them for learning. Hopefully you’ll love it! I think I will sign up for a lifetime membership after the 1-year membership included with school runs out. It’s a handy reference to have!

      Don’t worry about comparing to me. It’s not a contest! Unless you want to have a cook-off.

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