Up Here, We Call It “Le Fessbeuk”

I’m a huge fan of The Colbert Report, and Libby Issendorf, who works in social media for the US Speedskating team stumbled across my blog a few days ago and asked if she could post a link to my photos. Hooray!

Taking a hit for The Nation. Keep 'em coming!

Can we get Stephen Colbert to autograph me, too? I can’t speed-skate like Karen Reutter, but if he signs my arm maybe I’ll whisk and chop really fast.

Catch the Vancouver Winter Games episodes (February 22nd and 23rd) of The Report here if you missed them on TV.

Nation! Thanks for visiting! And eat well!


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2 Responses to Up Here, We Call It “Le Fessbeuk”

  1. Thanks again for letting us post those photos! So glad you’re enjoying the Olympics. Who knows, maybe culinary arts will be added to the Sochi games…or would that be a summer event? 😉

  2. kchellouf says:

    Unfortunately, school has been keeping me so busy (especially with mid-term week!) that I haven’t been able to check out anything for the Olympics, other than The Report (which was a priority!).

    There is such a thing as Culinary Olympics, though, which are huge in Europe! As for Sochi, maybe I will start practicing my cabbage rolls so when the games are on I can get into the spirit.

    Keep up the good work! And thanks!

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