Let’s Make A Deal!

You can't see the cupcake bottom, but the important part is showing anyway. Remember muffin tops on Seinfeld?

I was teaching my brother Tarek how to make stew yesterday and he showed me a website that I had to exit because laughing too hard made my pulled intercostal rib muscle hurt.

We all have things that we look for in partners/dates/random flings/etc, but what I think is more interesting, is what we choose to steer 50 feet clear of. You know what I’m talking about. DEALBREAKER. is a collection of cringe-worthy, knee-slapping, unbelievable-but-believable causes to run for the hills. Does that sound a little negativo for my blog? Maybe, but wait! There are a few little shining gems hiding among all the comical disdain: Dealmakers!

I’m clearly not Barack Obama, but I do bring treats and cupcakes to work. Reading about how excited it makes people had me gasping for breath from laughing so hard. Sharing doesn’t entitle me to receive a string of nerdly man-servants who will read comics out loud (complete with sound effects), but it’s nice to share things that I have/make too many of, if only to test out recipes and keep myself from eating a dozen whatevers.

This week we have 3 days of pastry and cookies. My team better get ready for a deluge of simple carbohydrates!

Eat well! And share!


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One Response to Let’s Make A Deal!

  1. glutenfreegal says:

    Ah, Seinfeld…

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