Late December Food Madness

As you might have noticed, unfortunately I didn’t post again before the holidays. Work, family visits and getting ready to head away were like a hurricane and I didn’t stand a chance! I hope all of you are well rested and ate too much. Now continue nibbling on those treats Santa gave you or else you’ll get hungry looking at these pictures from my past week! Yowza!

Nothing says quality time with family like CARBOHYDRATES!

In lieu of a "regular present", I asked my mom to spend a day teaching me how to bake her ridiculously loaded and healthy bread.

That's actually my drool coating the buns, not honey.

She also wanted to teach me how to bake whole wheat apple cinnamon rolls. Honestly, how do you say no to that? Recipe soon!

Be still my beating...tastebuds.

My favorite ever shortbread recipe, made into a bunch of different types of cookies. Recipe to be posted soon, too!

Insert lame cheese joke here.

The most deliciously beautiful (and quickest eaten) cheese plate I've ever had the pleasure of helping to assemble.

I think that more things should be both spreadable and boilable.

Roasted veal bones for marrow...

...and veal stock. This was later reduced into a demi-glace, which unfortunately took a long time and was completed after I came back home.

Deep-frying a turkey outdoors. Yes, I DID see that All-State commercial. That's why this was 1) at someone else's house, 2) outdoors, and 3) done by somebody else.

The turkey-frying episode of Good Eats had me thinking that this setup would be overly complicated. Nope!

Unbelievably crispy...


Carnage. Delicious, tasty carnage...

This doesn't look like a lot because of the photo angle but there were about 30 potatoes and I mashed them all with brute woman-arm strength. Wearing a BCBG dress, no less.

I had never tried goose until this Christmas!

The goose was stuffed with pieces of fruit so I Bogarted the apple. I love apples because they're amazing flavour-holders.

These chickens were both equally cute and smelly.

These were way better than store-bought eggs.

A giant fritatta for everyone to share. I've made small ones before but this one was fun to tackle.

Caramelized onions and red peppers, ham, salami, dried sausage, eggs, pastry roll chunks, and 2 cheeses. I have no idea what kind.

Pickled cucumbers. Good as a salad for all, and the brine is good as vodka shot chaser for others.

Nighttime lamb chop grilling with the help of the moon and a flashlight.

Amazing Italian sausage pizza from Abeetza in Abbotsford.

A fantastic gift from ChocolaTas.

A special pie for a friend who always gets gypped because his birthday is between Christmas and New Year's. Eeep!

Wishing you all an awesome 2010 with enough food to share with people close to your heart.

Eat well!


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