Re-Branding and Revamping!

It occurred to me that a lot of recipes/ideas that I have floating around also have vegetarian options, but I didn’t really feel like putting them in the Vegetarian category was helpful, because finding chicken curry after clicking vegetarian sounds stupid, so I’ve decided to turn it into the Vegetarian/Veggie Option category, where you can also stumble across things where if they have something meaty or meaty-sounding in the title, you can assume that a vegetarian option or idea is provided somewhere in there, usually in the Other Ideas/Notes at the end.

When changing the name of the blog a few months back (and therefore the address), a few of the image files look like they have broken. Oh no!!! It’s an annoying cleanup process, but I hope to have everything spic and span by New Year’s.

On another note, here’s some food for thought: I was sitting down to some yummy Chinese food with a friend the other day, when my dining companion (who is no stranger to Asian foods) asked about chopstick etiquette.

“I hear it’s bad luck to pick up food this way with chopsticks, or in this position. What do you think?”

My reply, after taking a moment to ponder, was, “I think that if people have food to pick up with their chopsticks, they are very lucky.”

It’s a hard time of year for many people this year, so let’s be grateful for everything we have. Next week’s post will be super fun. I plan to do some baking for gifts and will try my best to post before heading off for a few days of pajamas, stuffing, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia with a special family that is taking me in for Christmas.

Eat well!


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