I Heart Big Flavour on Film!

One of the reasons why I started writing this blog was because of how I love that food brings people together. My friend Chris Young takes some rockin’ photos and we had a shoot about a week ago, to work with our mutual love of good food, cool pictures, fun, and fashion.

It was a total blast and we had a great time! I was cooking, laughing, posing, and enjoying good company with friends all day. Grazie mille to Chris, who patiently waited and set up while I finished scrubbing the kitchen (which was pretty tightly packed with all of his beautiful equipment) and learning how to do my hair and apply makeup on the fly (our wonderful to-be-hairstylist had a devastating family emergency).

We’re still picking and choosing the images, but here’s a little sneak preview…

Of course the first picture you're going to see has a ton of garlic in it. Surprised?

Eat well and share with your friends!


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3 Responses to I Heart Big Flavour on Film!

  1. stu says:

    boby flay’s wet dream

  2. Megan Kaptein says:

    Hey Kari! Congrats on the blog. Looks like fun! And thanks for the tips 🙂

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