Adventuresome Ideas: Soup Garnishes/Extras

I love soups! They have the potential to bring great flavours out of a ton of ingredients at once. Why not add a few more, while you’re at it? Here are some fun ideas to shake things up, with texture, colour, and taste.

  • Toss on a few pomegranate seeds or dried cranberries for a hint of tartness
  • Crisp up a little prosciutto or bacon, then bash it up and sprinkle on top
  • Add in some fried sausage/tortellini/ravioli/gnocchi/perogies
  • Pour the soup over cous cous/pasta
  • Dot with some chili oil/truffle oil/basil oil/pesto/cream
  • Plop down some mashed potatoes in the middle
  • Stack frisée, arugula, or very thinly sliced baby spinach on top
  • Put on a blob of plain Balkan yogurt or spice it and then dollop on (eg. ground coriander and turmeric)
  • Toast some crushed/slivered nuts and add them on top
  • Break up some dried apple chips and throw them on
  • Use red onions instead of white/yellow for extra sweetness
  • Fry up your favorite mushrooms until crunchy and place on top
  • Serve with parmesan chips on the side
  • Grate any hard cheese over the soup or crumble some in (feta)

All of these options can take everyday slurping from “it’s pretty good” to “I’ll have what she’s having!”

Eat well!


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