Thanks for Vegetarians!

A few years ago I tricked my brothers into eating Yves Veggie Ground Round by putting it in spaghetti. They weren’t cool with the idea of having meals without meat until then, and now sometimes they cook with tofu! I would like to pat myself on the back for picking up the soy ice cream that magically made everything okay for them to broaden their dietary horizons. I swear, dessert fixes many things.

My fabulous boss is a vegetarian. So is her partner. And my friend Chris. And my hairdresser, Vanessa. These people always brighten my day. Maybe it’s their food. You know what sucks about being a vegetarian, though? Restaurants that are not specifically vegetarian basically offer you two things: Overpriced, yawn-worthy salads or a portobello mushroom sitting in a pool of bland gravy, and when you go to a meat-eater’s house for a holiday dinner, they get all awkward and don’t know what to do.

My fellow Canadians, it is almost Thanksgiving! I have decided to shift 90% of my food daydreaming ideas of late toward creating vegetarian recipes for the fall/winter holidays, so that the food is so yummy and inventive that nobody cares that there isn’t a giant bird on the table, or if there is, vegetarian guests don’t feel left out of the dinnertime fun because all they get are mashed potatoes and corn. You American readers get more time to practice these plates, so give thanks for that!

Eat well!

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