Life is A Bowl of Cherry Tomatoes

What a sad mess.

Still looking for WMDs? Hint: They're on construction sites! Now that the fence is gone, I hope nobody steals what's left. That would be like insult on top of injury!

My babies!

In the midst of Canada Line construction, there was a little sushi restaurant on 7th and Cambie that was basically hanging on the edge of a cliff because the ground nearby had all been dug out, leaving a giant pit. The rain has me worried that the soil will erode and Monster Cherry Tomato Plant could topple over before I have chance to move it!

Recently, the landlord told me that he had decided to mow down the garden and create more parking space (for his one car!). I understand that this is his home and his land and that he can do whatever he wants with it, but was disappointed, of course, because we started the garden together and I put a ton of hard work into it. The place was an icky mess beforehand.

Nonetheless, the summer season is coming to an end, and I decided not to plant things for a fall or winter harvest. It’s too late, and there will be little to no space left to do it in. Everything you see in the picture with the concrete will disappear! I came home one day and the giant rose bush and the behemoth zucchini plant that were both still blooming with flowers and tiny fruit had been ripped up and throw into a City of Vancouver Yard Clippings bin. In case you’re wondering, yes, I did cry. Pamela Isley is still totally nuts, but only a tiny bit less so to me now. Probably the worst part of it all was spending a day off at home, getting stuff done, and having to listen to a construction guy jackhammer away at one of the biggest sources of my happiness and calm.

My landlord knows that I’ll really miss the garden and was nice enough to pot the other vegetable/fruit plants and move them upstairs to his solarium to protect them from the cold, but I don’t have regular access to it. It’s like Vegetable Plant Services has taken custody of my babies! I am not ready to have my status as an “urban gardener” revoked yet, though, and will find some way to make things work. There’s always the front yard…

Eat well, and if you have the space, plant well!


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2 Responses to Life is A Bowl of Cherry Tomatoes

  1. DMO says:

    That’s so sad! But at least it produced a lot of wonderful meals and memories before it got torn up. 🙂

  2. kchellouf says:

    Yes! Thanks, David!

    Watering plants in the sunshine with my eyes closed, picking fresh herbs and running back inside to throw them into a sauce, and sharing the veggies with friends and family (and you) were all incredibly gratifying. I’m lucky to have experienced it at all.

    Just wait until next year: New place, new garden, new crops! I’m going to see if Dad will let me paint the garage or fence pink with polka dots. Tee hee.

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