Bottled Brains

Hello my sweets and savouries!

Sure, I just roll out of bed looking this cute.

Just a quick post to let you know what I’ve been up to. I’ve finally leapt into the world of home canning! It’s pretty fun and not as scary as I initially thought it would be. Before David left, we went blackberry picking and I thought jam-making would be a fun thing to learn, and also would be a nice way to keep the fruit for a bit longer.

Some other zombies said I should sell the jam and this picture ought to be on the labels. Are you living folks out there enticed? Zombies don't get paid to shuffle and eat.

I was racing against time and potential spoilage (before deciding to freeze them) to find and tweak ingredients, research safe handling, check acid and pectin levels in fruit, gather equipment, figure out setting points and flavour condensation. Yay, homework! That was genuine excitement, thank you.

Prepping food for the cast and crew (I washed the blood off my palms and fingers). You should have seen people's faces when the organizer and I rushed into Safeway!

A batch was cranked out and I’m pretty happy with it, but think there’s room for improvement, so I’ll have something here for you to work with after a little more tinkering.

In other news, this weekend I was an extra in a friend-of-a-friend’s zombie short movie (Hell of a Wedding) , and brought a jar that couldn’t be totally filled on set to share, because it had to be eaten pretty quickly.

It looked suspiciously like the giant vat of guts (with intestines) that was lying around, but I’m pretty sure that it tasted way better on my English muffin than that would have.

Stay tuned for the recipe. It’ll be coming for you soon…


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